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Mobile warehouse management solution with real-time bin tracking.

A wholesale distributor had a fulfillment process that caused errors in orders and customer dissatisfaction resulting in wasted time and labor. They needed a solution that would enable warehouse personnel to receive, put-away, move, pick, and cycle count inventory with a mobile, real-time, bin-tracking system. We created a mobile warehouse solution that enabled high visibility and management of warehouse operations. Customer satisfaction was improved by accurate and efficient order fulfillment and overall inventory costs were significantly reduced.

Mobile warehouse tracking system syncs with Counterpoint
Counterpoint mobile rack sales system
A better way to do rack sales, on-site orders and account management.

A wholesale grocery supplier was having difficulty managing inventory in their trucks as well as their warehouse. Sales did not have warehouse visibility when taking orders on site. We created a mobile system for both their rack sales team and account managers that enabled them to replenish racks, place orders, and take payments while on site. Mobile sales updated inventory in real-time as orders were taken. A highly optimized physical count reduced shrinkage and fulfillment problems by allowing a weekly count of truck inventory. Management had in-depth information on the status of the entire sales process with real-time information on each customer.

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