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Automatically sync CounterPoint and

Reduce manual and data errors by making changes in CounterPoint
and have it automatically update your E-commerce store.

  • Products
  • Product descriptions
  • Inventory
  • Custom fields
  • Prices
  • Orders
  • Fulfillment
  • Shipping
Counterpoint integration with E-commerce for products, orders, etc.
Counterpoint for B2B and B2C
A better customer experience


  • Buy online, pickup in store
  • Local delivery
  • Ship from store
  • Gift cards


  • Account management
  • Order and payment history
  • Ship from warehouse
  • Contract pricing

Offline Order History

  • Orders placed over the phone, via email or in-store are displayed in Customer’s online account on website
Run your business from a single
management point

Streamline your business by integrating CounterPoint with E-commerce, external shipping solutions, vendors, mobile warehouse management solutions, ERP systems, email marketing, routine/delivery systems, payment processors, texting services, hospitality systems, and more.

Counterpoint with all parts of a business
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