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Integrate your specialized needs
with CounterPoint and E-commerce

Add items and monitor inventory by connecting to your vendor’s
API enabling you to sell on your website and have the vendor
dropship fulfillments.

Connect to the vendor's API to import items or update prices to
reduce manual entry and improve accuracy.

Customize counterpoint and your e-commerce platform
Buy online and pickup in store with Counterpoint
Show inventory at customer’s preferred store and allow them to buy online and pick up in store.

Many businesses need the functionality to allow customers to buy online and pick up in store. This is more complicated and crucial with multiple brick and mortar locations.

Sell on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and process sales through your traditional E-commerce platform

This is called headless commerce. It can open many new sales avenues. You can still sell through your e-commerce platform but instead of the customer interacting with your website they are able to purchase through a non-traditional marketplace.

Headless commerce with Counterpoint
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Schedule a call to discuss your E-commerce customization for CounterPoint
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